Authorized Camera Dealers in Karachi

It can be a nightmare if you get victimized of unfairly raised prices at unauthorized dealers while buying your Equipment. To be on safe side, its always suggested to consult nearest authorized dealer. In Karachi Authorized Dealers of Cameras are found somewhere at Sharah-e-Faisal or Saddar.

Nikon Authorized Dealer:

26-A, Business Avenue, P.E.C.H.S Block 6, Main Sharah-e-Faisal, Karachi Pakistan
Phone: +9221 111 124 125
+9221 34315568
+9221 34315569

Canon Authorized Dealer:

Mega Business Machines (MBM)
Madina Shopping Mall, 4th Floor, Opposite Zainab Market, Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: +9221 37015323
Registered contact with Canon
Phone: +9221 35670903

Apart from these authorized dealers, you can also have services of unauthorized yet approachable dealers. As a suggestion when buying from these dealers  “Do Serious Bargain”. They usually start with unfairly high price and you must be able to negotiate with them in view of actual cost. Golden Camera Centre situated at Saddar within Hashmi Shopping Centre is one of the good spot to bargain with considering that they have a serious variety of equipment.

Golden Camera Centre

Shop 36-B, Hashmi Shopping Centre, Saddar, Karachi
Contact: +92 21 35670667

NOTE: Please note that recent change in dialing numbers by PTCL digit “3” has already been added in start of old numbers.

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30 thoughts on “Authorized Camera Dealers in Karachi

  1. I want to buy either canon EOS 50D or 60D but since i heard there could be fraud i am worried, i am new to cameras, and dont really know about market, i heard Golden camera centre can fraud too and sell you old camera as new or even fake camera *have read on blog online) so is it better to go Authorized dealers? such as Mega Business Machine? What about buying from Amazon or Ebay? need suggestion please.

    • Hi Maria
      If you are a starter I would suggest to go for 50D believe me it wont stop you making excellent shots apart from a higher resolution on 60D, 50D deprives you from making a video as does not support that. As far as fraudulent sellers are concerned, yes there are chances that you get cheated specially when you are new to these gadgets. Best idea is to buy it from local authorized dealer. You may purchase it online but keep in mind the customs duty on top of gross price.
      Excuse me for being so late in replying, just got stuck among few projects.
      Feel free to put your queries here.
      Br, Bilal

    • Hi Jawed
      To be honest you should be able to get D300 around 900 USD body only and D300S somewhere around 1000 USD. But I would suggest you to contact authorized Nikon Dealer to have latest prices which are subjected to change.

  2. Hi there,
    I wanted to get a semi pro camera for my Dad. Any advice as my budget is not a lot. I have checked the market and liked this olympus model. Can you advice me whether to get olympus or not.

    Awaited reply

    • Hi Ammar
      Thanks for asking. First of all no worries to buy an Olympus. Go for it. With limited budget and freedom of playing around with exposure USD 180 in no big deal.
      The only thing you wont be able to do is to change lens when thinking something different. Otherwise, its worth it.
      Br, Bilal

  3. Thanks Bilal,
    Just wanted to let you know about my recent experience of buying a DSLR from the Saddar Market in Karachi. I had purchased the semi pro olympus but did not like the result that much. I therefore went for an exchange deal for a Nikon d3100. The camera box was open when I bought it and was told by the shop keeper that it comes this way. At the time of purchase i was not issued a warranty card and was given a warranty on the receipt. After doing a little research I found out that the camera was a baggage piece and there s no WARRANTY on a baggage piece.

    • Ammar its never suggested that one should trust this bargain market. Before spending your money please be sure the source is authorized.
      Have a better luck next time!

  4. Hello sir
    I want a suggestion from U if U can give…?
    Sir I want to buy a camera for photography in marriage parties etc…
    I want to go for nikon D90 but it too costly and now I want any other camera else D90…plz suggest me which one is the best, D5000, D3000 or D3100 or any other like D60 Or D40 I have 60-65 thousand
    plz suggest me fell free
    thnx and If U tell me the latest price of these cameras or any web site for latest prices
    wait for ur reply

    • Hi Nasim
      You are always welcome at the blog to ask your queries. If D90 seems a little expensive, the option for your might be Nikon D60. It allows you to have larger portrait printed with available 10MP of resolution. As you mentioned your aim is to use it in parties so you will have to select two kind of lenses One that allows you to take a long range shot standing far behind in crowded area and the second lens should allow you to take sharp portraits with reasonable amount of Bokeh. Both of these can be found for D60 as per your choice. D60 should be well withing your budget.
      Br, Bilal

      • thnx
        Mr Bilal…
        for ur answer and ur suggestion
        plz one more thing dat if I purchase Nikon D3100, bcz it is latest and 14 MP and in my range I think 60000 app. vid 18 to 55 and if I purchase it vid 18 to 105 lens, then what say..
        bcz D60 is very old version and I think it is not available in brand new condition

        and this time I want to know dat what U say about D3100 if we compare it vid D5000/D3000/d60

        plz answer me
        I want to purchase it now in next few days

      • You can always go for that as well but keep in mind that additional cost of lenses that you would require other than kit lens as it wont serve the purpose you stated earlier. D60 is still available with Nikon Authorized Dealer in Karachi

  5. ok thnx bilal bhai
    plz inform me da latest price of D60 and D90
    and also send me
    and also send me the address of Nikon authirized dealer in Rwp

  6. Hello Bilal, I tried calling the Nikon dealer’s numbers mentioned above but there is no response so I emailed them. Would you know if their number has changed?

    You mentioned that the kit lense that comes with the D3100 is not good enough. Is it because it’s wide angle or close-up? What kind of lense would you suggest if I need the camera for photography of paintings?

    • Have you visited any authorized dealer other than local shops? you can have Canon authorized dealer contact from this blog

  7. plz inform me da latest price of D60 and D90
    and also send me
    and also send me the address of Nikon authirized dealer in Rwp

  8. I want to purchase a Canon EOS 550D (Body Only). It would be best if I can know the price and whether “Mega Business Machines (MBM)” ships to Islamabad or not? Or if they have an outlet in Islamabad, kindly let me know the address / contact number.

    — Ali

    • Thanks for posting your concern. To be honest, latest price would be best available with the dealer rather than me who might have outdated figure at the back of mind. So, I would suggest you to kindly call them in Karachi and confirm if they can ship that to your city.

      • Thank you for the response. I was able to contact Golden Camera and bought a Canon EOS 550D (Body Only) for PKR 60,000. They shipped it as soon as I transferred the amount to them. And I was able to collect the shipment from Photo Center, Jinnah Super Market, Islamabad, the next day. Since I was their first time customer, they also included a 4GB Class 4 SD card for free.

        I also bought a Sigma 70-300mm F4-5.6 DG Macro for PKR 16,000 from them.

        — Ali

      • Very nice to know that people do get their orders across the country in time and on budget. Credit goes to wise business expansion strategy followed by supplier.
        Have a very nice experience!
        Br, Bilal

  9. hello bilal bhai,,
    mujhe DSLR laina hy,, around 50,000 to 60,000 rupees… would u suggest me the best DSLR in this range..
    jiska anti-motion blurr sub se best ho… q k babies tend to move alot =) ,, kindly reply as soon as possible

    • Hi Farman
      Thanks for the asking. Let me explain a little about the shake you are concerned of, these DSLRs from Nikon, Canon etc. are made far better than P&S devices to handle that shake. In addition for zoomed exposures and macro shoots, Vibration Reduction Techniques are also provided on the lenses. However, if you are still very much cautious about Shake then you must opt for a camera that offers you Mirror-Lock Facility. But this can only be beneficial when doing macros. Canon EOS 1000D offers you this feature and would cost you around 52,000 PKR with kit lens [Price may vary as per market trends, contact the dealer to have exact price].
      Br Bilal

  10. Hi:

    I’m looking to buy TOKINA 11-16mm brand new and i live in Krachi. Is it possible to get this lens in Karachi. For used – I’m not intereseted as the people selling can mug me bad!

    Let me know, if possible.

    Take care

    • Well Sameer, Tokina is hard to find even in Karachi the only place where you can try your luck is SMI Photo Systems in Karachi. They deal in different vendors and might be helpful. But I would suggest you to consider alternatives to this like Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6, the Sigma 8-16mm F/4.5-5.6, and the Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5. You can contact them at +92 (021) 34800035.
      Br, Bilal

  11. i want to buy canon or nikon camera in just few days and i can afford only 12000 to 15000 can i buy a good camera with this amount

    • Hi Rizawan
      Yes you can certainly buy some very basic DSLR but I doubt that you would be getting replaceable lens camera. I know a few Olympus of that sort even a Sony as well around 16-18K PKR.

      Please contact Canon or Nikon. You can find out the contact information my blog.


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