Hame Be Sukhan Na Kahye Sar-e-Aam Is Tarah Se

Kahin Mehfil-e-Sukhan Ye Hame Daad De Na Daley

[Poet: bilalofned]

Yes! buds are always there the only thing required is the favourable condition to make them part of visibles. It was there  hibernated somewhere surviving the freezing cold war…inside…came out to face another war, perhaps warmer this time, full of warmth of sentimentum, heat of nostalgic irritation and flames of burning feelings.

I never knew that I could be a poet untill it really happened; but I  knew one thing right from my childhood that words always fascinated me verses most of the times looked attractive to me fairy tales always took me deep into them where I felt myself their part perhaps I had that imaginative instinct.

It was a real WOW for me at least when I used my own verses as Mumasil Ash’aar in the subject of Urdu in Intermediate Examination. At that time in my college [Delhi Govt. College, Karachi] Prof. Syed Hasan Akbar Kamal used to teach us English and surprisingly he was known for his Poetry in Urdu not to mention that various singers converted his poetry into songs like Junaid Jamshed, Nayyera Noor, Alamgir etc. Apart from other inspirational poets, he was one of those for sure.

I would have to admit the fact that I have been away from it in patches and lost the momentun quite a few times since then but more importantly its not stopped…I am still into it!

Go through and get fascinated!!!


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